Top-3 easy tricks to play slots online

tricks to play slots

Do you follow these steps to play online slots? Although there is no infallible method, we can follow some steps and strategies to increase the chances of winning at slots. Keep scrolling, find online slot tricks and follow the steps of our experts to bet with more chances of winning safely.

1. Trick for slots: Choose a safe casino and find out

The first step to being successful at slots is to play it safe. The casino you bet at must be legal and verified. In addition, you must follow the rules stipulated for Spain. So, don’t worry, we already have this first little trick ready for you. Now you can choose where to have fun safely and choose among the best rated casinos.

On the other hand, it is very important that you know that in Spain it is no longer possible to receive welcome bonuses or no deposit bonuses in accordance with the DGOJ regulations. For this reason, it is important that you inform yourself regarding certain regulatory changes.


From May 1, 2021, and through Royal Decree 958/2020, of November 3, on Commercial Communications of Gambling Activities in Spain (Law 13/2011, of May 27, developed by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs) The advertising of welcome and loyalty bonuses is prohibited. [+18 – Responsible Gaming – DGOJ]

2. Make sure you choose a high RTP slot

high RTP slot

The RTP is the rate of return to the player. That is, it is the percentage of the money played that you will recover in the long term in all your bets on the slots (calculated based on millions of spins). In this case, the strategy you can follow would be to make sure that the RTP starts at 95%. If it is above this average percentage, it starts to be very good and favorable for the player.

The trick to playing slots and having a better chance of winning would be to play on a machine that has an RTP of 98%, for example. The RTP percentage ranges from 90% to 98.5%.

3. Be aware of volatility to win at slots

Be aware of volatility

Unlike RTP, volatility is a short-term factor that influences the frequency of wins. The volatility of a game indicates the frequency with which a good combination occurs, that is, a winning combination or a bonus in a certain game that can benefit you. To understand how to win at slots, considering this indicator can be a very useful trick.

The volatility of a game goes from the lowest to the highest. We leave you here this trick to play slots online:

High volatility slot: You should know that with high volatility, the risk increases, but the reward is greater. These are games that are often called risk games: you would get higher wins less often. Therefore, these slots may have fewer winning combinations, but provide you with an interesting profit over a period of time.

Low volatility slot: Low volatility slots offer small wins but are more frequent. If you are looking to understand how to win at slots little by little, this type of slots is a good option. It will increase your confidence and profitability because you should not invest too much money. You can do it by choosing a casino with a minimum deposit to start with! In turn, low volatility does not affect the RTP.

There is no foolproof strategy. However, if you want to have fun and make a profit, low volatility slots are a great idea. On the other hand, if you want to feel a little more adrenaline, you also have chances to win with high volatility slots.

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