Know the advantages of the GNA

advantages of the GNA

If you are looking to know how to win at online slots, it will be good for you to know how slot machines operate. Slots that work with a Random Number Generator (RNG) have their advantages and can work in your favor. The moment you press the button to operate the slot machine, the GNA selects the series of digits updating hundreds per second and uses them to determine the result.

The contrast

Traditional gear-operated machines wear out and can fail over time. Gears, elevators and internal mechanisms increase the size of these machines and their operation is slower.

In contrast, slot machines that use GNA don’t need to be big or heavy, plus they don’t have to be physically anywhere. Online slot machines are a great example in this case.

The GNA is more reliable in producing a wide variety of results at once. The fact of being able to generate numbers from a single digit to several trillions and without the need for gear mechanisms and so on, generates much more security. This is another trick when choosing a slot to have fun.

Differentiate the types of slots and their benefits

types of slots

There is a myth that says that “all slots are the same”. The truth is that there are several main types of slot machines, which are usually differentiated by the number of reels, prize lines and jackpot type. Playing at bet365 casino can be a good choice of a prominent casino to win at online slots and apply this trick that also counts to be prepared. We leave you the differentiations so that you can decide your next strategy:

Classic slots

It is undoubtedly the most classic version. They are the typical machines that we find in physical casinos. They have 3 reels and the possible combinations are limited. The number of pay lines is reduced, therefore it is less easy to obtain winning combinations.

Video slots

They are typical of online gaming and have highly developed software. Knowing the verified online casino software is another trick to win at online slots. Thanks to the software, this type of slot machine displays incredible graphics and designs with very varied and striking themes. The player can choose which one to interact with.

In general they have 5 reels and between 10 or 50 pay lines. When you are playing, these slots offer other screens with bonuses and extra prizes that can be accessed in another way, following the rules.



In this case, the video slots are merged with a progressive jackpot. That is, a portion of all bets placed go towards a common pot or jackpot that will constantly increase in value. When someone wins the prize, they can walk away with a huge amount of money. However, you should be aware that this slot has no RTP and it is more difficult to hit the jackpot.

Megaways slot

In this slot you have more than one hundred thousand pay lines. Here, the winning combinations do not have a payline pattern. Big Time Gaming introduces this changing reel system that changes the symbols on the reels each time they spin. Thus, the chances of winning are multiplied by thousands. So you never know how many win lines you will get on the next spin. This choice is also a good trick to win at slots.

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