What are the most important tennis tournaments?

tennis tournaments

Among the tennis circuit, we can find several tournaments that take place worldwide throughout the year. The most important and most renowned are the Grand Slam tournaments. Where the best ranked players participate and in which the highest number of ranking points are awarded among all the tournaments of the year.

  Later, the next prestigious tournament of the year would be the ATP Finals. There, a league is made between the 8 best players of the year and is played at the end of the season. Between these two tournaments, it is where the most ranking points are awarded and the most money is distributed.

  On the other hand, there are the other ATP Tour tournaments that are held in different cities around the world and that have different classifications and prizes. In addition to the tournaments held by the WTA, which would be the female equivalent of the ATP.

  Also, there are organized tennis tournaments for emerging players. In them we can find the ATP Challenger, which would be the second category of world tennis, or the tournaments organized by the ITF, which would be the third category.

  Therefore, understanding what type of players classifies each of the tournaments, will give you a clue of the type of bets you can make. Likewise, there may be variations in the way each of the tournaments is played, reaching a different number of total sets or playing as a league or play-off.

Types of bets on tennis

bets on tennis

As with all other sports, tennis has a wide variety of betting options. Virtually every item that can be measured and compared will be a betting option that providers will not hesitate to offer you. In this way, you will find a wide variety of predictions that you can make in the white sport.

Bets per match

Either before a match or during it, you can choose to choose which player will be the one to win. In addition, you will be able to predict which of them will have a greater number of aces or double faults. In any case, you will be able to choose some characteristic of a player over another.

Bets per set

On the other hand, you will have the possibility to predict if there will be a stipulated number of sets or if the match will have Tie Breaks. Also, you can decrease the betting interval by predicting the results by game and even by points.

  Also, these types of bets can be made live. In that case, you can take a little more risk and choose the player who is going to win the next rally or the one who is going to make the next break. As you can see, the deeper you go, the more betting opportunities you find.

Tournament bets

Another way to predict is by making predictions of the entire tournament. It is a type of long-term bet and they will be able to choose who will be the winner of it or which player will or will not overcome a certain instance of the competition.

Statistics in tennis

Statistics in tennis

It is usual that long-term statistics are not taken into account in other sports such as soccer, since there are teams that have a very strong turnover of players in the passing markets or, even, the strategist is changed from time to time. when. In this way, a match between two teams from last season may not indicate much about the next match, since one of the teams (or both) may have a renewed squad or a new coach.

  However, in tennis this does not happen. The same players who faced each other last season or a few years ago are the same ones who are going to face each other in the next game. Therefore, even though time has passed and, with it, the game has matured, there may be very marked game characteristics that force a noticeable imbalance between the two players.

  Therefore, in white sports, statistics take on additional relevance when making predictions. Also, you must take into account if the surface affects any of the players positively or negatively or if it is ideal for the type of game of the competitors.

Are there sportsbooks with live tennis streaming?

Yes, there are. Lately live streaming is a service that is spreading to all the best bookmakers. In addition, tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, moving millions of euros and people. It would be rare if you were not considered for this type of service.


Sports predictions in tennis are one of the most popular lately, they allow a wide variety of bets and opportunities to win. In addition, with the great Spanish stars, there is always an additional motivation to follow the most important events in world tennis.

  We recommend that you place your bets as conscientiously as possible, going for matches where you really feel confident in making accurate predictions and game features where you really know how it works. The best way to bet is doing it with full knowledge of the facts.

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